Why Me

Melanie Hirsch

B2B marketing copywriter for technology companies

Lavenir NOW Marketing Copywriter

I write sales copy and marketing content for IT staffing firms, web-hosting companies, cybersecurity specialists, consulting firms, companies who provide cloud-based solutions, web developers, mobile developers – to name a few.

Why me?

I know what buttons to push, which triggers to use.

I spent two decades convincing business people that various IT products and services are good for them.

I’m bilingual – I translate geek-speak into business-speak

My background:

•    As a business analyst, my job was to translate the needs of the business to the technical people.
•    As a manager of technical teams, my job was to ensure the needs of the business were met.
•    As a project manager, my job was to convince the business people that the technology we were implementing was going to make their jobs easier, faster, better.

My knowledge, experience, and copywriting training (I am a certified copywriter through American Writers & Artists, Inc.), can help you:

•    Build your sales funnel
•    Capture your prospects’ attention
•    Nurture your leads
•    Make the sale

Perhaps you already know what to do.  You have a long list of articles, emails, white papers, and case studies to write.  Your colleagues are coming up with new ideas every day.

A million ideas, but no time – ugh! It’ll take you six months to get through the backlog!

Sound familiar?

I can help reduce your marketing content backlog – contact me today.