How I Work

Every project is different, but all projects require some structure to be successful. My process (for new clients) is outlined below.

Initial Conversation

My process begins with a conversation. This can be an in-person conversation (in the Chicago area) or a phone call. The purpose of this conversation is to determine fit – it’s typically 30 – 45 minutes long.

Items discussed:

• Your high level goals for this project
• The specific phase of the sales process this project supports (is it for an initial prospect, a lead, a qualified lead, etc.)
• Your target audience (buyer persona)
• Project timeline
• Budget

If we agree to move forward, I will send a formal proposal outlining the scope of work and the terms.

Upon approval of the proposal, we will both sign the agreement.

NOTE: 50% of the project cost is due upon signing, the balance is due when the final copy is approved.

Information Gathering

During this phase of the process I gather as much information as possible. If available, I will collect basic information about your company from your website. In addition, I will need project-specific information from you, including:

• Detailed product or service information
• Key competitors
• Marketing brochures, etc. that may help me gain a better understanding of your product or service
• Client demographic information
• Key contacts for the project (reviewers, approvers, graphic designers, product/service experts, etc.)
• Anything else that would be of value to me as I conduct my independent research

The more information you can provide, the better.

Kickoff Conversation

Project kickoff will be scheduled a week or two after I’ve received the background information. During this session (in person or via conference call) we will review the project and deliverables in detail. If applicable, I will present my initial thoughts/ideas for the main theme, topic, or salient points. Ideally, all key people on your project team will be in attendance.


A day or two later I will provide a summary of the kickoff conversation to confirm I’ve captured the discussion accurately.

First Draft

After receiving confirmation, I will begin writing your copy. The first draft will be delivered to you within the agreed upon timeframe.


Revisions typically take between 1-3 days. My proposals include 2 rounds of revisions, which should be sufficient.

Final Draft

Once the final draft is approved, I will submit the final invoice for payment.

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