The three most important things to consider when marketing your product or service are:

➢    Content
➢    Content
➢    Content

But not just any content.  Unfocused copy is just…. words on a page.

Words matter

If you want content that moves people to buy your product or service, consider Lavenir NOW.

We help small to mid-size businesses in the technology industry write better copy.

Better copy = more sales

Competition in the technology industry is fierce.  New products and services are emerging every day.  How do you get the word out?  How do you make your product or service stand out?

It starts with your sales strategy…

Today’s buyers are savvy – they do their own research before buying for themselves or the companies they work for. This is great news for your business. It means you have an opportunity to provide them with all the information they need to make a decision (to buy your product or service).

Many of your target audience members have no idea who you are or what you can do for their companies. For this group, you need marketing content to increase awareness of your company. This can be general education material (not specific to your company) with ‘hooks’ to download special reports or white papers.

Once you’ve established the awareness, many of your new leads (those potential customers who downloaded your report) need additional information before making a decision to buy. This gives you another opportunity to position yourself as an expert.

And the process doesn’t stop once you’ve landed the customer. These days, we need to stay close to our customers even after the sale. Marketing copy can be used to retain your existing customers and turn them into evangelists.

We can help…

We help move your prospects and leads through the sales process with marketing copy to:

√  Generate product awareness
√  Generate leads
√  Educate prospects
√  Keep prospects warm
√  Enhance sales presentations with brochures, sellsheets, presentations